Today is The Day: Part 1

Today is the day!  The day I get to finally meet him!  The butterflies in my stomach consume me and my anxiety builds as the hours grow short.  Soon I will be face to face with the man that makes me feel this excited.  It’s been many years since I’ve felt as giddy as a little girl who has found her first crush.

Let me rewind a bit.

I’m newly single.  I swear off all men like we always do when we get out of a relationship.  All your friends tell you they have the answer to solve your single life problem, asbroken-heart-1207381_960_720.png if they are professional love doctors helping to find a cure to the singles’ epidemic.  I’ve had multiple people recommend online dating.  I, of course, was completely against the notion of online dating because I felt as if it was a desperate attempt to find love, you seem to only find weird people on there (I watch too many movies), you don’t know who you’re truly talking to (online predators), and I wasn’t going to pay for a dating service.  A friend recommended a good free dating site, and yet I was still against the idea.

Then one drunken night, after a club with the girls, I ended up signing up for the site my friend had recommended and went to bed.  I awoke the next morning to multiple messages and completely shocked that I had done it.  I was already signed up so what harm could come of it?  I messaged some people and filtered through my messages until one night he messaged me.  He was just an average guy that grew to be more to me.  He fit most of my criteria (because face it, we all have a checklist of things we want in a significant other).  He was tall, attractive, kind, had a decent job, and helped out in the community.  He seemed almost too good to be true.

We exchanged numbers and texted almost every day and spoke on the phone every night.  I’ll never forget the first time he tried to call me, I panicked a little on the inside because this would be the first time I hear his voice, the first time he hears mine.  What if I sound stupid or say something dumb?  At least through text I can delete and retype something if it doesn’t come out right.  What if he has a high pitched voice and he doesn’t sound manly?  These are all the things that went through my head.

I answer the phone…

As I hear him say “Hey”, I melt.  I loved the way his voice sounded.  He really did seem too good to be true at this point.  What is his flaw?  There has to be something wrong with him, no one is perfect, but right now I don’t care because I love talking to him.  We talked for hours, to the point where we would lose track of time and next thing we knew it was 4am and I needed to be up for work in an hour.  We never wanted to get off the phone and we could talk about anything and everything.

Eventually the conversation turned sexual.  Getting to know each other’s likes and dislikes and see if we were sexually compatible.  Not very lady like I’m sure, but I don’t really care.  We all have needs, and anyone that doesn’t admit it is just a liar.  Our conversations would get so intense sometimes that it became almost unbearable.  We were able to go from a deep, intellectual conversation to explicit and back to joking around with one another while we spoke.

We clicked so well online and over the phone, so we decided it was finally time to meet in person!



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