Today is The Day: Part 2

Back to present time.

So today is the day we decided to meet.  We decided that I would meet him at his house because a couple days prior he had gotten into a car accident and was without a vehicle.  I know it was a dumb idea to meet someone you hardly know at their place.  Last thing I want to happen is to get chopped up into little pieces because for all I know he could be a serial killer.  Usually for my other dates I met them in a public location but with him things felt different and we had been communicating for a while now.  I trusted him.  As hard as that may be in the short amount of time we talked, I did, because we had talked every day and all day about everything.

I pull into his drive way.  As I put my car into park, I see him walk out of his houscasal-1808537_960_720.jpge to greet me.  The butterflies in my stomach make me feel so nervous that I start to get a bit shaky and not sure if I need to throw up or not.  I gather my things and open the car door.  As I step out of my car, he approaches me and welcomes me to his house and kisses me.  Kisses me on the lips.  If the butterflies were real they probably would have been bursting out of me from pure excitement.  The way I felt when his lips touched mine can’t even be explained in words.  I just stood there, completely frozen from shock, and trying to gain my composure.  I try to be coy because I don’t want to seem overly eager about meeting him, and remain somewhat of a mystery.

We enter his home and he gives me a tour.  We eventually make our way to his bedroom at the end of the tour.  The entire time I’m a nervous wreck and hoping I don’t make a fool of myself.  To calm myself I take a seat at the first spot I can, which, without thinking,
happened to be his bed.  We continued to talk about different topics as he eventually made his way over to me and took a seat on the bed as well, while maintaining a respectable distance.

Gradually that space between us started to disappear and next thing I knew his lips were pressed against mine again and I couldn’t control myself.  I let go of all ambitions and doubt and went with it because it felt right.  He gently places his hand on the side of my face while he kisses me.  The way my face fits perfectly in his palm feels just right.  His other hand slowly going up my thigh, now my side, until my face rests gently between both his hands, his very strong man hands that I want all over my body.

My one hand running along his arms, as I feel every muscle underneath my finger tips and my other hand making its way up his back and finding its place in his hair as I gently grab it.  This seems to have made him more excited as he pulls me in closer and kisses me more passionately.  I decide to tease him a bit and gently bite his lip and suck on it which leads him pushing me back on the bed and getting half on top of me.

I feel his hands slowly move from my face.  One finds its way to the back of my head as he holds the base of my neck as he kisses me.  His other hand does some investigating, making its ways down the side of my body and then back up under my shirt.  He caresses my breasts as he slowly pushes harder into my thigh.  As he does this, I can feel his manhood becoming more prominent and a bit intimidating.

Part of me wanted to stop because how would it look if we had sex the first time we met?  Would our relationship even last if we jumped into bed too early?  Would he consider me to be just a booty call?  Did I care?  Because the other part of me wanted to just go with the flow and enjoy the moment, it had been a while.

So I decided to turn my brain off and enjoy the ride, so to speak.

He started to kiss me all over, slowly going from my mouth, to my neck, down my chest and stomach, around my side and back up again.  My shirt slowly came off, as did his.  As he was kissing me, he slowly unbuckled my belt and undid my jeans.  Then off came my boots and jeans.  He started kissing me all over again, made his way past my stomach and gently kissed me over my panties which made me very excited as I lay there in anticipation of what is to come next.



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